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Title: HTML or WordPress plugin for ARDOR
Post by: krasi69 on April 26, 2019, 11:38:58 pm
I need HTML or WordPress plugin for my web site which allow access to the ARDOR child chains.
I would like to work with the Marketplace and the Monetary System in ARDOR from my site.
Can you please tell me where I can download this plugin ?
Title: Re: HTML or WordPress plugin for ARDOR
Post by: apenzl on April 27, 2019, 09:15:40 pm
Hi Krasi69,

we developed some Nxt and Ardor plugins for Wordpress. What exactly are you looking for?
Title: Re: HTML or WordPress plugin for ARDOR
Post by: krasi69 on April 30, 2019, 12:40:46 am
Hi Apenzl,

I am looking for Wordpress plugin that can access the Monetary System on the AEUR blockchain.
This plugin should allow the web site visitors to transfer tokens forth and back in the Monetary System.
Title: Re: HTML or WordPress plugin for ARDOR
Post by: apenzl on May 01, 2019, 01:34:33 pm
Ok, so just sending MS token between accounts?
Is it 1 specific MS token or should the user have an option to select which token to send?

I am sorry for this wall of text, but I think you should know about some decisions we've made and the reasons behind them, when you ask about Wordpress plugins. I will get back to the plugins themselves :)

You can see plugins we did for the Nxt blockchain here:
The only MS coin related plugin was NxtBridge-ICO, which is more of an "explorer" plugin we used in our coverage of the Ignis ICO.

If the user enters his account into the Ledger-plugin, we can show balance, account ledger, etc.
The problem is that signing transactions is not safe to do via a Wordpress plugin. Too much trust is involved.

So we made:

And when Ardor came, we made:

If you enter your Account address and what you want to transfer to which account into a form on Wordpress, it can generate unsigned transaction bytes, which you can then copy-paste and sign (after you have downloaded the Offline client, or NRS), then copy-paste the result back into the Wordpress site and broadcast it. Done!
It works! And it really really sucks, right? And what if you (like most people) are using a mobile phone?

So next we created Sigbro, a mobile app. First for Android. Then again, as a hybrid app.

Sigbro signs you in with your ArdorID and authenticate with a token.
It can scan and sign unsigned Ardor transaction QR codes from a pc screen - OR
if you use the mobile browser the Sigbro app opens and shows tx details when you click a transaction button on the website.
Sigbro lets you check the transaction details by using public nodes (not the Wordpress admin's node for example) before you sign and broadcast the tx.

That's the most relevant things to know about the first version of Sigbro. You can also check your token balances (including MS-coins), generate account or import an existing account, and there *will be* a Lightweight Contract based faucet (1 account can be funded per device). "Will be" means we are working on it, the rest I mentioned already works.

So, NOW, back to Wordpress, currently working (beta) Ardor plugins for Wordpress are:

Register / login and authenticate with Ardor account ID:
On a pc -
On a mobile phone (the recorded example logs in to an online wallet, but it works similar with Wordpress:
Registered users get signed in, new users are registered with their ArdorID on a Wordpress site. The new user can then select a username. Email is optional.

You do not HAVE to use the Sigbro app to log in. You can manually enter Ardor accountID, generate a token for a data string the plugin creates for you, paste it, push a button, log in.

We want users to be logged in to Wordpress with their Ardor account (anonymously or not, doesn't matter) so we can show them account balances, account ledger, stats, and generate transaction bytes for them to sign securely with Sigbro. Same can be done by any other website that wants to offer Ardor services. Sigbro provides an easy way to log in and auth, and makes it safe to use "unsafe" Ardor web services. Sigbro saves the Ardor account passphrase encrypted on a phone and never sends it to a server. Ever. A bad plugin or a scammy website owner or a hungry hacker cannot fool the user to sign a bad transaction, because Sigbro will show it.

A second Ardor Wordpress plugin we're finalizing is this:
- A WooCommerce add-on. Install it and get a new payment option in Woo. In this case the AEUR token. The buyer gets an email with a QR code and an URL (for mobile users). The plugin waits for the payment. After 10 confirmations in the blockchain, it changes the order to processed in Woo's backend. The Woo order number is written into the payment tx on the blockchain too. We might change it to use vouchers.
In action: Pending video update: with the Sigbro app the user doesn't have to enter Ardor accountID manually. Also, the last part of the video shows we connected the plugin to a t-shirt dropshipping service, that's just for our own use case. The plugin is set to use AEUR, but it can be changed to use any another Ardor token, asset, or MS-coin. AEUR was chosen because it's the most useful for merchants.

We're only starting to look at Wordpress plugins again. If there's interest. Real interest.
So what exactly do you want the plugin to do? What will you use it for? You can tell me in DM, if you do not want it to be public yet.

I will use as testsite and showcase for the above plugins, and of course use Nxter as a hub for promoting and showing everything else that gets launched and uses Ardor and Nxt too, as always. But we need more use, more users, more projects on Ardor. Can we help each other there?
Title: Re: HTML or WordPress plugin for ARDOR
Post by: apenzl on August 05, 2019, 01:21:45 pm
We are testing the SIGBRO app, and you are welcome to join.

You can install the auth Wordpress plugin and let users join your site with their Ardor accountRS. By using the app OR by generating token + entering details manually.
Try it: Download:

You can't transfer MS-coins over Wordpress with this plugin, but you have your users' account ID's, so you can generate unsigned transaction QRs of any kind for them.