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Title: Ardor v2.1.0e
Post by: Jelurida on August 17, 2018, 08:31:44 am
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Release 2.1.0e

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The exe and dmg packages must have a digital signature by "Jelurida Swiss SA".

Change log:

This is an experimental release. It is a mandatory upgrade only for testnet
nodes, but can also be run on mainnet. On testnet, a hardfork to enable the
lightweight contracts feature has been scheduled at height 341500.

First release of lightweight contracts and transaction vouchers.
Refer to the nxt wiki for official documentation.

The bundling of transactions has been significantly enhanced to support more
flexible bundling filters and fee calculations rules. Multiple bundling filter
classes can be defined in the nxt.availableBundlingFilters property.

The following predefined bundling filters are available by default:

nxt.addons.PersonalBundler - bundles only the transactions of the bundler

nxt.addons.AccountPropertyBundler - bundles only transactions sent by accounts
which have the "bundling" property set on them by the bundler account.

nxt.addons.AssetBundler - bundles only transactions involving the specified

nxt.addons.CurrencyBundler - bundles only transactions involving the specified
MS currency.

nxt.addons.PurchaseBundler - bundles only purchases of digital goods sold by the
specified account.

nxt.addons.QuotaBundler - bundles transactions until reaching a quota per sender
and transaction type.

The startBundler API has been modified to accept an optional "bundlingRulesJSON"
parameter, in which the list of bundling rules can be defined in JSON format.
Alternatively, a single bundling rule can be defined using a "feeCalculatorName"
and one or more "filter" parameters.

A new addBundlingRule API has been added to allow clients without JSON support
to run bundlers with more than one rule, by adding rules to an already started

More than one filter is allowed per rule. The rule is executed only if all
filters allow the transaction.

The lists of available bundling filters and fee calculators can be retrieved
using the new getBundlingOptions API.

The Bundlers page has been enhanced to support the new bundling rules and
filters features in the client UI.

Account property with name "nrs_recipient_ui_options", set by the recipient on
itself is now used to configure the modal when sending funds to that account.
This can be used instead of the "#merchant:" account description and allows
control over the message encryption, such as disabling it for exchange accounts.
The value of the nrs_recipient_ui_options property is a JSON object with fields:
- - message_format: same as the format specifier in the #merchant account
- - encrypt_message: default value for the encrypt message box
- - encrypt_message_disabled: if true, the encrypt message box is disabled

Don't show permanent message option on ARDR chain since permanent messages are
disabled there. Fixed verification of prunable messages on ARDR.

IGNIS is now the default chain when loading the wallet for the first time.

Support compilation with Java 10 and language level 9.

Updated translation resources and removed old translations.

Added a checkpoint at height 221000.

Renamed the BITSWIFT child chain to BITS.

Updated Jetty to version 9.3.24 and Bouncy Castle to 1.60. Delete the old lib
folder if installing on top.


Title: Re: Ardor v2.1.0e
Post by: Riker on August 17, 2018, 08:56:49 am
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Title: Re: Ardor v2.1.0e
Post by: Jelurida on August 17, 2018, 10:28:02 am
More information about Ardor Lightweight Contracts:
Title: Re: Ardor v2.1.0e
Post by: apenzl on August 17, 2018, 01:02:22 pm
Transaction Vouchers
Title: A bug for Coin Exchange?
Post by: qq2536007339 on September 24, 2018, 12:36:53 pm
I use Coin Exchange to buy ARDR through IGNIS,but I got "Incorrect "chain" FxtCoinExchangeOrderIssue attachment not allowed for IGNIS chain" error,and nothing wrong when I try to buy IGNIS through ARDR,so I think this is a bug.