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Title: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Jelurida on January 15, 2019, 01:36:39 pm
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Release 2.2.2

sha256 checksums:



The exe and dmg packages must have a digital signature by "Jelurida Swiss SA".

Change log:

This is a bug fix and usability enhancements release.

Users still using version 2.2.0e or earlier must upgrade immediately as they are
already on a fork, and their nodes are blacklisted by this release.

Anyone who did not upgrade to 2.2.1 prior to block 543000 must manually delete
and re-download the blockchain from scratch, after upgrading.

Users using version 2.2.1 are not required to upgrade.


Added an includeContract parameter to the getContractReferences API to return
metadata about the actual contract being referenced.

The contract runner now removes the last block when started to make sure
trigger transactions in the last block are processed in case processing stopped
before processing the contracts for this block.

Contract unit tests now use simpler methods for verifying transactions submitted
by a contract.

The contract manager now waits until the transactions it submitted are included
in a new block before exiting.

Contracts with an inner interface and an inner class implementing it are now

The contract processRequest callback now supports initializing a randomness
source and accessing the last block.

Fail gracefully when a contract submits the messageToEncrypt parameter without a
passphrase. Contract devs should encrypt the message first then submit the
encrypted data.

UI Enhancements:

Contract selection widget and contract parameter specification template were
added to dialogs which specify a recipient field. This enhancement simplifies
the task of configuring a contract trigger transaction.

The Contracts page now provides simple runtime statistics about contract
execution when clicking on any of the invocation types in the Invocation column.

Each chain now has a chain description displayed in the wallet and when
switching between chains.

Login by account using an Ignis alias is now supported by deleting the ARDOR
prefix then typing '@' in front of an existing alias name which is mapped to an
account id.

"Fat Finger" warning for amount and fee is now defined and enforced per chain.
Reasonable default values were defined.
Use the account settings page to adjust these values for the current chain.

Dialogs now support more than one warning per form submit.
For example in case both the amount and the fee are too high, both warnings are
displayed one after the other.

The wallet no longer warns about assets and currencies with more than 6

The Changelly menu items was moved from a top level menu to the settings menu to
provide more screen real estate for the mobile app.

Increase and delete shares links are displayed in the "My Assets" page only when
these actions are allowed.

Vouchers with unicode parenthesis are now parsed correctly.

The desktop wallet now displays a file chooser dialog before downloading a cloud
data item or message attachment to the local workstation.

The transaction and block info dialogs now display the raw transaction and block
json in a separate tab.

Coin exchange layout improvements.


Fixed an initialization issue that could cause some custom add-ons to deadlock
on start.

Fixed false positive unsigned bytes verification error when cancelling
ARDR buy order.

The getPeers and dumpPeers APIs now also allow filtering by version, optionally
including newer versions.

Added a checkpoint at block 545555.

Updated Jetty to version 9.4.14.


Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Riker on January 15, 2019, 01:51:35 pm
Mobile app
SHA256 7386c362651b0d38d3ef52e4280f54848752eeabc551d343449259e6ecfefac8
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: qq2536007339 on January 15, 2019, 02:09:41 pm
The coin Exchange UI seems has a bug.When I try to exchange ARDOR on IGNIS chain,I think the words for "translation:buy_nxt_with_coin" should be "Buy IGNIS with ARDR".

I use win10,firefox,this is only happey on mainnet,and testnet is correct,so I'm little confused.
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Riker on January 15, 2019, 02:33:38 pm
Try to restart the browser or clean the cache, it should say something like "Switch to chain AEUR to buy IGNIS with AEUR"
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Sebastien256 on January 17, 2019, 01:07:50 am
I have some problem with offline transaction signing. It used to work, and now it not working anymore.

1) I fill the transaction I want to do  on the online machine,
2) Then I checked , do not broadcast and do not sign.

3) I  submit the transaction and new window appear where I can copy the clipboard "Unsigned Transaction Bytes". I copy the "unsigned Transaction bytes" on the offline machine by USB.

4) Then I go on the  transaction operation of the offline machine, I enter the Unsigned Transaction Bytes, I put the passphrase and sign the transaction.

5) I copy back by USB the signature on the  online machine and I broadcast the transaction from the online machine. now I get:

( (

Note, last time I did it, the processus required also to copy the Unsigned Transaction JSON on the offline machine before signing, otherwise it was not working. Now the area for the Unsigned Transaction JSON is grey out on the online machine. However, it is not grey out on the transaction operation windows of the offline machine.

I don't know how to do offline signing anymore.

Thanks for looking into this.

Both machine have Ardor 2.2.2 installed.
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Sebastien256 on January 17, 2019, 01:06:12 pm
I tried to add an encrypted message so that the  json area does not grey out. Now  I also copy the json from the online to the offline computer before signing. I used to do that with Ardor before fork and it work flawlessly, altought it was not necessary to add an encrypted message to get the json.

However, I still get this message when I want to broadcast the  signed transaction from the online computer :

Incorrect transactionJSON: null
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Sebastien256 on January 20, 2019, 04:42:55 am
I tried again, but it do not work. I did it multiple time with Ardor v2.0.14 without any problems.

Are there way to combine manually the  "Unsigned transaction bytes" from the online machine with the "signature" obtained from the offline machine in order to  broadcastTransaction using the  transactionBytes directly in the Ardor http API instead of using the GUI?

How to get the "transactionBytes" from the ["Unsigned transaction bytes" and "signature"]. Are there simple way to get it?

I read this, but it seem outdated:

"The unsigned bytes returned by the server with broadcast=false contain 64 bytes of zero in place of the signature.  Replace those bytes with the signature returned by Crypto.sign() and then broadcast the transaction using the broadcastTransaction API.  The signature bytes are at offset 95 in the transaction (see Transaction.getBytes())."

Current "signature" with Ardor seems like 128 bytes. What is the correct offset in ardor?

Overall, I think there is problem with the GUI or something else.

I need to do some transactions so I would appreciate some help if possible. Thank you.
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Sebastien256 on January 20, 2019, 05:14:14 am
I finally manage to do it, but I had to use the web wallet and using the method of export and import unsigned and signed json files.

The problem is that Windows desktop wallet is not working correctly for offline signature. Please fix this.
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Riker on January 21, 2019, 08:39:40 am
The problem wasn't actually with the desktop wallet, the "Raw Transaction Details" modal broadcasts only the transaction json not the transaction bytes. Some Html formatting code we added back in early 2018 messed up the format of this json before broadcasting it to the the node thus causing the problem.
Fixed for the next release.
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: Sebastien256 on January 22, 2019, 02:48:20 am
^^^ excellent and thank you, keep up the good work
Title: Re: Ardor v2.2.2
Post by: qq2536007339 on March 19, 2019, 06:50:55 am
A small suggestion,I want to know the moment when my lease get expired,so I can setup a alert,but right now I can only see expired block,like

Your account effective balance is leased out for the next xxxxxx blocks (until block xxxxxx) to account ARDOR-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX

Which is not very convenience for people,so can you also add a expired time? Thank you!