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Author Topic: Welcome to the Ardor Forum!  (Read 3741 times)


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Welcome to the Ardor Forum!
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:27:29 pm »

We're excited to welcome you to the Ardor Forum, a new forum index for reference and discussion about everything to do with Ardor, the pioneer platform for the blockchain-as-a-service model developed by Jelurida C.S.. This forum is developed and maintained by the Ardor community through the Ardor / Nxt Group.

This new forum has its origin and spirit in the Nxt Forum, the official forum community for the Nxt blockchain technology since 2014. In order to preserve for new community members the enormous amount of historical information shared over the years in the Nxt Forum, while providing a fresh new environment for the new Ardor platform, both forums share resources including the user database. This means that:

- All users who have an account in the classic Nxt Forum can access the Ardor Forum with the same user credentials. Conversely, all new community members who register in the Ardor Forum will have access to the Nxt Forum as well. In order to facilitate switching between forums, a permanent link can be found in the top right of the board index in both forums.
- User resources and history like personal messages, profile, post count and others are shared between both forums. This means for example that you can access the same message history from both the Ardor Forum and the classic Nxt Forum.

Although in the last year the activity in the community has moved significantly to instant messaging channels like Slack or Telegram, the format and persistence of a forum can still be ideal for reference, releases, announcements, long discussions or simply for users who are more comfortable in a forum environment. We want to encourage old and new community members to participate in the Ardor Forum and bring on ideas, new discussions and projects. As new sections or features are needed and activity develops, the forum staff will be happy to improve the site for the community.

This Ardor Forum has been developed by a small (minimal) team and still may show bugs or glitches in some features. We will appreciate your bug reports and suggestions, either in this topic or in a new topic within this Meta Forum if you prefer. We will also welcome people with community management skills or website development skills who want to help and contribute.

We hope that the Ardor Forum will become a useful tool for the Ardor community and team. And once again, welcome!

Kind regards,

The ArdorForum / NxtForum Staff
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