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So, we are almost at a block height of 1400000 on the ARDOR Blockchain.
As it seems, the last changes (no payout fees, and more frequent payout) did not push the pools popularity and did not bring more attention or lessors to it.

With the current forging power, the pool can forge new blocks only on a very irregular basis and can not keep up with other pools or forgers.

Therefore, I have decided to close the pool and cease all operations with block height 1450000 (around September 20th).
These remaining 50000 blocks should accomodate all current lessors.
In the next few days, I will convert the IGNIS the pool gained through some bonuses to ARDOR and will figure out a scheme how to give some of it to the current and reliable lessors.

I hope that you guys can find other active ARDOR pools and thank you all for your trust and effort.

So in an attempt to push the activity on the pool a little bit more, I came up with a new payout scheme.
Every day at 12 p.m. the account with the highest amount of ARDOR is paid out.

So lessors with more ARDOR should receive their earnings more often and after this payout, the chances for smaller lessors are there to get paid out without the need to lease again and again until reaching the payout threshold.
I think everyone should benefit from this.

Even more: There is no payout fee anymore.

I hope this will finally bring the pool a little bit more attention  ;D

I am no longer leasing my balance to the pool because I didn't get any benefit from it -- there were plenty of blocks forged while I was taking part, but the lessors page continued to show Ardor Earned as zero for my account.

I'm happy to lease again if this bug gets fixed.

Thank you for your feedback.
I just checked and compared the balance for the active lessors in the past few days since you mentioned it, but their balance increased correctly.
Maybe you can send me your ARDOR account ID, so I can recheck for your balance.

Hmm, well I guess we shall wait and see what happens. If it gets worse please just pay out everyone once all the leases end.

I wonder if maybe the Ardor project is dying and there isn't as much interest in it and hence the lack of people leasing to pools. *shrug*

Yeah I will wait a little longer.
I extended the special offer with no payout fees up until block 1500000.
Maybe the Bitcoin halving will give the cryptouniverse another boost.
I do not hope that Ardor is dying. I really like the approach, but it seems that people are not really using it. We will see.

If (!) the pool is closing, I will definitely payout the remaining Ardor if the remaining balance makes sense to pay out (e.g. 0,00000001 Ardor is propably to less).
Also I will send every contributor some IGNIS which the pool also gained through some bonuses. So no need to worry in that case.

But I hope that some more people want to lease their Ardor to the pool  ;)

Is this pool dead? It seems that not many are re-leasing.

Well it is not (yet) dead from my side, but you are correct: Not many people are leasing their Ardor to the pool.
To be honest I don't know the reason for this, especially since the payout fees are reduced to block 1250000 (and could be extended even further).
But without many people who are lending their balance, it is highly unlikely that the pool can find another block, which can bring the pool to a point where it doesn't make any sense to operate it longer.

Maybe some other users can give me a hint, why they wouldn't lease to this pool?!

Ardor Helpdesk / Re: trouble starting to forge
« on: January 06, 2020, 08:22:41 pm »
Thanks You for anwser
There will be someone who can help me with the loan of 24 hr or 1440 blocks of those 1000 ARDR? The idea is to provide a new user to the network. ARDOR-9FSH-M2KX-PYNB-CZ4L7
I like this ecosystem and I am interested in learning what you need to promote this Blockchain child, I want to be a spokesman its

Even though a loan is possible on the ARDOR blockchain, what is the benefit of it? 1000 ARDR for a lending period of 24 hr is probably not enough to find a block.
Also why should bring this a new user to the network?
Even though, if you want to become a spokesman, you should invest the ~40 $ and buy that amount of ARDR.

Thanks to an awesome contribution, the pools website is now also available in Spanish!

Direct link to the Spanish site:

To celebrate the websites improvement and to honor the hard translation work, until block height 1,000,000 there will be no payout fee substracted from your earnings if you are paid out!
This means the pool pays the transaction costs!

Thanks again to the anonymous translator.

If you have any other feedback or suggestions, just let me know!

Ardor Helpdesk / Re: Ardor
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:25:53 pm »

that highly depends on the type of hosting/domain you have. Normally you should find a DNS/Nameserver section on your registrars website.

Here is a short article that might help you:

Ardor Helpdesk / Re: Ardor
« on: July 20, 2019, 06:12:34 pm »
Thank you for your help.
Another question.
When i use "sudo ./" at terminal to run the "" file, after i closed my ssh connection, the blockchain will stop and the page also down. May i know how to make it "" shell keep running even i disconnect my ssh connection?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Try Screen.

Pool was just updated to Version 2.2.5

Umm, can someone explain why on the pool website the Ardor Paid field says 18.06822390 yet checking my actual account I only see 1 transaction paid by the pool for 9 ARDR. Am I missing something?

Sorry that my response took so long. But you were absolutely right. I've corrected the amount and send you your ARDR.


I know that not every block contains fees, but in the pool ledger I could see block forged that did contain fees but the amount didn't change for 4 days or so. I checked it extensively, I don't want to write a forum post unless I was positive there was something wrong.

Anyway, all is fine now, thank you very much for the fast response!

my explanation was not meant as an offense. Sometimes people do not know how ARDOR works and that the transaction fees are the earnings for a forger.

Anyway, as I said, you were right, I hope that the small changes I made will prevent something like that in the future  :)


is there a problem with the lessors page on the website? I'm stuck on the same earned amount for a couple of days while I see the node is generating blocks.

thank you


not every block that is forged by the pool contains a transaction and therefore fees.
But the calculation of the shares was running a bit behind. I've runned the script a few times and now the distribution to the lessors should happen faster.

Thanks for mentioning  :)

Hi there. Good job on the pool. May I make a small request. Could you put a contact us page on the pool's website. You don't have to share e-mail, just a link to the pool's forum thread would suffice. I was one of those people that did not know about this pool's thread and it would've been great if there was some directions on how people can reach you in case they have some small issues.

Hi there.

I've added a link to this thread on the pools website. I hope that this mitght help some other people, if they have the need to get in contact with me.
I've also responded to your message and hopefully solved the issue.

If you have any other feedback or suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

Hi everyone,

the ARDOR blockchain has reached a height of 500,000 Blocks and therefore the payout fees are subtracted from the withdrawals again.

Since the start of the pool, it paid over 275 ARDR to it's contributors.

Keep up the great work!

Does anyone have any contact info fro the guy that runs I had to move the funds from the forging account registered with the pool and I don't meet the minimum auto-withdrawal limit by 2 ardor and I'm kind of screwed and it seems the coins will be stuck with the pool forever. This does not seem fair and it sucks that the site has no way to contact the admin.

I am the admin of
Also the pool has it's own thread:

Please send me a pm on this board with your adresses. We will find a solution  :)

Sad to hear that you are ceasing operations. What's the reason? And are there any other options?

Hi everyone,
I've encountered a flaw in the payout mechanism, which made it impossible to send your earnings to your account.
I've fixed this problem today and everything should work fine.
It already worked well with 2 testpayouts to a participant.
No earnings were lost.

Also I'd like to remember that there is currently NO PAYOUT FEE for the pool.
If you lease your ARDOR today, you still have over one month to receive your earnings without a fee (until block 500,000).

The pools website got some small design improvements.

Also the number of blocks generally forged by the pool are added to the status website.
Thanks to some great contributors the pool is now able to find several blocks per day. Let's hope there are a many transactions on the chain  ;D

Again: until block 500,000 there will be no payout fee substracted from your withdrawing. Until then the pool pays the transaction costs!

ARDOR is getting old  ;D Over 250,000 Blocks were already created on this unique blockchain.

To celebrate that a little, until the block height reaches 500,000 (approx. by the end of the year 2018) , there will be no payout fee substracted from your earnings if you are paid out!

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