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Note: Do not send money to this user, the account may be compromised! We are waiting for verification from John that this is him and not a scammer.

As a result of some of my contacts I have come across an incredible opportunity for the community.

This opportunity will provide more exposure than any alt today, and will rival Bitcoin itself.

The problem is I need BTC to make it happen. I have plenty that I could convert to BTC, but taking this much to an exchange(s) would for sure be a huge dump.

I need 400 BTC and I was hoping that I community members would trade me directly for NXT (off exchange). My reputation alone should be enough to get this done.

For the first 400 BTC only (it is all I need, anything over will be returned), I will give a NXT / BTC 0.000095 exchange rate. So for each 1 BTC you get 10,526 NXT. This is first come first serve, the only request is you don't go dump it at an exchange the second you get it (the karma gods are watching!!!).

I feel I can do this deal because I know this is going to boost the value of NXT exponentially.

To participate send BTC to REMOVED FOR NOW and then PM me (all payouts will happen within a few hours of me confirming the deposit came from you). Only the first 400 BTC will be eligible, any after that I will return to the originating address!

Scammers don't bother sending me a PM trying to get me to send NXT first, with my reputation this deal is BTC first.

Thanks to all!

Note: Do not send money to this user, the account may be compromised! We are waiting for verification from John that this is him and not a scammer.


For: Justabitoftime and NiftyNikel
Note: Please make sure to also take care of Lawyer-of-Nxt, Abuella, TxtCoinsNow and Chancer

If you felt we did a good job at PayExpo2014, please feel free to donate.  If not, please make sure you at least review the progress in the PayExpo thread. It's important we are all on the same page:

- Many days of prep before the event

- 7 interviews
* Each will be posted as they appear

- Main stage presentation

- Meetings past 2am both Wednesday and Thursday (LawyerofNXT was with us)

- 1 interview has a reach of 400k paper in London, follow-up interview happened on Friday

- Confirmed meetings (Lawyer of NXT was with us almost the whole time) with VCs, brokers, banks, hedge fund guys, mobile networks etc.. (thanks Lee)  Most of these will take a bit to develop but it'll happen... just like GoCoin.

- Summaries and direct feedback from the companies that are viewing NXT in some type of capacity

- Gocoin announcement (that was months of prep.. lots of behind the scenes)

- Booth work

- Endless follow-ups

We will send Intmain a full breakdown on expenses, verify we're in agreement and send back any additional coin. He was extremely generous pulling out of his own pocket, we didn't have to use the additional funds that were raised for the event. We didn't take 1 CENT of profit.. we function strictly on donations. We also didn't charge for unpaid days off from work. 

In fact, Lee and I spent quite a bit out of pocket to entertain. He warned me ahead of time, that's just part of it.

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / Final Day - Wrapping it All Up
« on: June 15, 2014, 04:37:45 am »
I've been working on follow-ups all day/night. It's now 5:30am and need to get up in about 90 minutes to start working my way to the plane. I believe I met my obligations + extra time. I've messaged intmain about the funding and how we'll get everything itemized when we get back to the States.


(update) If you feel we did a good job, I create a donation thread here:

Link removed

If you don't want to donate to me, at least throw a couple NXT at everyone else.  The team busted their butts to make sure you were represented well.

Conferences / Money 20/20 - Important
« on: June 15, 2014, 04:34:46 am »
Note: FearTheReaper is point, I'm just passing on info.

I'm placing this in general because of the importance and timeline. If the community wants to participate, we need to act quickly. Thank you to FearTheReaper for passing this one along:

"Thanks for your email. We're now on track for 6,500-7,000 attendees - significantly up from 4,200 last year and 2,000 in 2012 - including 500+ CEOs. We’re expecting about 350 exhibitors, up from 240 in 2013 and 85 in 2012. We’re working hard to make 2014’s Money2020 the most important industry event of the year.  For 2014, we've increased exhibit space about 60%, and are just over 98% sold out. 

We've got an exhibiting option for every budget. Please note that we are sold out of the Prebuilt, branded Kiosks located on the main exhibit hall floor + 2 passes: $7,500. We do have a wait list for these at the moment, and we are working to add 8 more.
   • Prebuilt, branded Meeting Pod (appx 10x10 and comes with a table and 4 chairs), located in convention center common areas + 2 passes: $12,500 - we have 4 left.
   •  Prebuilt, branded Private Meeting Cube (appx 10x10 and comes with a table and 4 chairs), located in the exhibit hall + 2 passes: $15,000 - we have about 6 left.
   • 10x10 space + 3 passes: $15,000 - we have 3 of these left
    • 20x10 space + 5 passes:  $28,000 - we have 1 left
   • 20x20 space + 10 passes: $52,000 - we are sold out and have a wait list; we may have 1 that will become available.

We also can custom design a sponsorship for you - these are the Star Sponsorships starting at $25,000 as a Two Star and going up to $125,000 as a Five Star.

You can download our latest brochure, which offers lots of information about the Money2020 event at
and also have a look at photos on our Facebook page at:

Please let me know how I can help further. I'd be happy to get on a call with you to discuss. "

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Cryptocon Singapore Singapore
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:47:34 pm »

If you would like CoinTropolis to speak/network, we would need to know ASAP.

Old Nxt Promotion Topics / Cryptocon Sydney Sydney, Australia
« on: June 14, 2014, 09:44:00 pm »

If you would like CoinTropolis to speak/network at this event, we would need to know ASAP.


If you would like CoinTropolis to speak/network, we would need to know asap.

Completed. They are looking to break it up into 4 different pieces. Guy is a class act.

Nxt General Discussion / Need Some Assistance ASAP - London
« on: June 13, 2014, 11:47:14 am »
We are heading to another meeting here shortly and need some help.

We need someone to take point on contacting any and every TV/Radio station here in London. Please let them know that we are here until Saturday and would like to come on and talk about Nxt on their program. We can talk in either the Tech or Financial side regarding Nxt.

Also point them to the article written about Nxt the City AM newspaper. Link is below:

If they need to contact me directly, have them email me at or get a hold of me and I will get you my cell.

Nxt General Discussion / Decentralized Digital Goods
« on: June 13, 2014, 05:55:57 am »
From PayExpo, the only real negative I heard was centered around a decentralized digital good store. I know, this is one of those topics that raise a lot of political/debate. I don't care, no interest.. I'm just reporting what I was told.   

Nxt General Discussion / ExpressCoin - Coinbase of
« on: June 13, 2014, 05:48:29 am »

All I have to say about this is it's good to have friends. Some of you might be temped to contact these guys after reading Coindesk, please don't. This introduction was already made from one of our new friends and already making progress.

This is not a preannouncement, just a reminder the follow ups aren't needed... it's handled.

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / F- Conference - Day 2
« on: June 13, 2014, 03:19:46 am »
Day 2 made Day 1 look like a warm-up. We met a lot of interesting people and received some important critical information about NXT and it's image in financial sector.  We look forward to sharing our findings in the next day or two.

Day 1 conference video is currently uploading. The file size is huge, no time to edit it right now.

It's 2:54am, I just got back with Nikel at 2am after a great after party with everyone that had a presence at the conference. I will do my best to update as specific as possible while respecting the companies that are opening up discussions.

1. Speech

Wow, I re-wrote that speech every night for the past few weeks. Thank you to everyone that contributed, our message was heard loud and clear. Thank you to GoCoin for stepping on stage with me to talk about our future on their platform. No worries about any type of 'exclusivity', keep pushing forward, we want to make sure we're as liquid as possible.

To look into the crowd and see so many smiling faces was quite an experience.  I can't believe how packed it, the entire team knocked it out of the park ranging from video taping to presentation preparation. The team handled logistics so I could focus on deliver. I'm so grateful for that opportunity to deliver the message. On controversial topics such as banks, I made sure it was communicated as MY opinion.

2.My First Interview

10 minutes after the speech, I had an interview with Sarge that not only works with Payment Expo but also has a publication that reaches out to the payment industry the same way Coindesk is tied to Bitcoin. I will update as soon as the videos are posted.  The timing was great, I was already on a high from the speech, I felt like I spoke with conviction about what we have to offer the broader payment community.

3. Dr. Neevaj Oak

I interview with Dr. Oak for his Shift Thought publication which focuses on digital money. I was impressed with the level of questions in both economics and broader adoption. Look for upcoming articles on NXT based on the information that was shared. He took time out of his schedule to view the speech to come back with even more insightful questions.

4. TxtCoins Lee

Lee and I both have ... hmmm... strong personalities. For those that gave him crap about PayExpo, let me tell you about Lee. He is a monster at these conferences. The connections he has within the payment ecosystem is really incredible. He has balls of steel, the man did not stop for a second.. just plowing through opposition and brining in the right contacts.

There's a meeting brewing on Friday, thanks to Lee, with some contacts that takes us out of this mickey mouse crypto low volume exchanging. Lee kicked ass, plain and simple.  Wait until you see some of the people that are looking to get involved thanks to his connections.  This is his world and everyone seems to know him or at least someone who knows him.  I learned some lessons tonight, I'm not too proud to admit it.

We might butt heads, but anyone that talks shit about who this man knows needs to get their head checked.

5. Senior Manager, International Implementation

We had great meeting at the after party, we're talking with this company later today about how to integrate NXT within their 14 support currencies (mobile transactions).

6. Pics

7.  With a market cap of $82m NXT has certainly grabbed the attention of the cryptoworld. However, NXT is setting no limit on its ambitions and is hoping to one day overtake the world's number one digital currency Bitcoin. "I'll just say this, we're not happy with third", said Manglaviti.

8. Cogent (Tier 1)

Had a great conversations with these guys (multiple times) about NXT and how we might be able to be a part of their massive Tier 1 infrastructure. They've asked for follow-up from us when we get back to the States.

Great spot.. you cant miss us

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / Saturday - Speech
« on: June 08, 2014, 02:32:19 am »
Accepting Feedback until Sunday 6pm US Eastern:


It’s nice to be with you this morning, my name is Pete John Manglaviti and I’m here to talk about the digital currency called N-X-T, pronounced NXT.  Let me start off with a show of hands, who’s ever heard of Bitcoin?  Ok.. of those hands that went up, how many of your respective businesses accept Bitcoin?  Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that was released in 2009. It is a remarkable piece of technology that really set the stage for future innovations. Let me take a moment to tell you what's NXT.

NXT is a payment ecosystem that allows payments to flow seamlessly between individuals around the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional payment services. I would ask the audience to think about this scenario for a moment.  Bob is in NY and needs to send $300 to his sister Linda in Greece. How much would that cost with one of the larger money transmitters? I looked it up on Sunday, $27. It would cost $27 to sending $300.. that’s 9%. With NXT, it would be less than 10 cents. Fast, secure and inexpensive.

NXT is a decentralized peer-to-peer solution with no central authority. It allows businesses the flexibility to integrate into the NXT ecosystem as they best see fit.  It is open source, that means anyone could look under the hood and see exactly how it works. NXT is designed to allow anyone to easily develop and integrate custom applications without having to reinvent the wheel. This approach allows business to save money on development costs and well as ensuring NXT meets your level of security.


When I looked at the names of the companies represented at PayExpo, I knew the idea of helping charities would strike a chord. One of the biggest challenges for charities is keeping overhead to an absolute minimum. If a charity receives a lot of small online donations by means of credit card, a chunk of that payment is taken out to handle fees. With the real risk of fraud and chargebacks, it makes sense the credit card companies need to set a rate to mitigate that risk.
I’d like to offer an example of a charity called Songs of Love that decided to try a different approach.


The Songs of Love Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) that creates professional produced one-of-a-kind CDs for children that are suffering from medical, physical or emotional challenges. These songs give an uplifting message that’s catered to the child’s favorite activities, things, people, and pets. The foundation has been around since 1996 and has has reached out to over 22,500 children in over 500 hospitals and health-care facilities.

The minute I learned about this charity, I became interested. The NXT community reached out to the executive director, John Beltzer, to see if we could help. We create a fundraiser that raised over $5,000 worth of NXT to support the cause. Since sending payments is so inexpensive with NXT, the charity was able to keep more funds to apply to the children that needed the assistance.

NXT has the ability to change how charities reach out for donations..

Power Consumption Section

We are starting to hear a lot about the concept of decentralization in the media. Decentralization is simply the process of redistributing resources away from a central point. By doing this, we’re eliminating a single point of failure while also guaranteeing no central authority can manipulate the transaction records. Bitcoin was the first digital currency to support this approach by allowing people with their own equipment to participate in contributing processing in exchange for Bitcoin rewards. As the Bitcoin network grew, specialized equipment were required to keep up with the demand.

<<Rasberry Pi Pic>>

NXT decided to take a low energy approach to decentralization. Unlike Bitcoin, NXT doesn't require thousands of dollars in hardware and massive amounts of electricity to protect the network through mining. We decided to take a different approach. Since NXT  uses an advanced forging technology, the NXT network can be secured by simple household computers spread throughout the world. The low barriers of entry to support the network is one reason NXT  will continue to gain worldwide attention.  Now, you might be wondering how energy efficient is NXT, let's take a look at this example from our NXT team at a recent Amsterdam digital currency conference:

Asset Exchange

One of the unique features with NXT is it's integrated asset exchange. This piece of technology allows NXT buyers and sellers to exchange any type of asset and have it recorded in a  secure public ledger that cannot be changed to verify it's authenticity. I could try to stand up here and give you a dissertation, but I'll show you a brief video instead.

NXT offers competitive advantages to everyone from the small business to the large traditional financial institutions across the world.

As I mentioned in earlier in the speech, NXT is not just a currency it's an ecosystem. I'd like to take a minute to discuss some of the upcoming features that will change the way we do business.


One of the challenges with any type of voting system is the implicit trust given to the entity that counts the votes. NXT is about to release a voting feature built right into the client that is completely decentralized. NXT voting is a secure, encrypted, consensus-based nature of the Nxt network allows the implementation of a voting system that guarantees anonymity and security, without relying on a central authority to tally votes.


NXT will be one of the premier digital currencies to gain mass market acceptance. How will we do this? By teaming up with companies such as <<Payment Processor>>, we will remove the barriers to entry that have plagued the cryptocurrency market and stalled full adoption  by the masses and economies around the world. We can make accepting NXT as easy for a business as accepting cash.

 Please join me in welcoming <<NAME>>, the <<INSERT TITLE HERE>> of <<Payment Processor>>. <<NAME>>,and <<Payment Processor>> have been a pivotal force in the digital currency ecosystem and are pivotal in helping to break down the barriers of entry to mass market adoption for virtual currency. <<NAME>>, please tell us a little bit about <<Payment Processor>>. and how you are revolutionizing the industry!

<< Guest Talks>>

Thank you <<NAME>>!! We look forward to working with you and to being a part of the adoption of NXT by the wider economy with the help of <<Payment Processor>>!

<< Lee Introduction>>
<< Lee Demo >>

This presentation has probably left you with lots of questions about how your business can integrate within the NXT platform. The NXT booth is <GIVE LOCATION OF BOOTH> and we love answering questions. Education is the key to driving the digital currency revolution forward and we love the opportunity to educate everyone we can. Please feel free to stop by our booth. You’ll receive a free <INSERT FREE THING HERE> just for stopping by! Have a great expo everyone and thanks for your time and attention!

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / Saturday - Booth Signage
« on: June 07, 2014, 09:20:03 pm »
Could someone please update the status of the booth signage?

Justabit - Verified passport is up to date, no visa needed

Intmain - Verified passport is up to date, no visa needed

PayExpo (London, June 11-12, 2014) / Saturday - Arrival Times
« on: June 07, 2014, 07:49:13 pm »
Justabitoftime and Nifty Nikel - 2pm London on Tuesday

The-Lawyer-of-NXT - 1:30pm London on Tuesday

Intmain - Touches down in London at 11am on Tuesday 

- " I need to pick up sim cards for the WiFi router configuration so I should be available for setup at ExCell around 2-3pm at the latest. "

Abuelau - London 10am - Wednesday

TxtCoins - Il be getting to London tuesday early afternoon

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