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Ardor General Discussion / price speculation - IGNIS/ARDR
« on: August 24, 2017, 12:51:56 am »
What will be the price of IGNIS at Ardor released, then 1 year after released.

Please give your guess and why you think so.

And what about Ardr?

Nxt General Discussion / Child chains at Ardor Genesis or soon after
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:32:02 am »
Is it possible to know what are the plans about this? Bitswift joining Ardor is great a news but was a bit unexpected.

What are the current plans concerning the child chains at genesis or soon after? I know there are BTC, EUR and USD pegged child chains that once was announced. However, no much details has been shared with the community concerning those.

I find it hard that this information would not be known internally at this point since Q3 is advancing rapidly.

Also, if there are more child chains coming other than the above, it will be nice to share. It's not need to share the exact detailed, but an update on the matter would nice.


Feel free to speculate below on what you think is coming as different type of child chains on Ardor. I would like to hear some ideas.
For example, how many child chains Ardor will be support by the end of 2017?

Q2 2017 (in progress)
Additional Asset Exchange transaction type improvements.

Since there is one month left to Q2, it would be nice to know exactly what is plan about this. As far as I know, this information has not been release yet. But i'm pretty sure what is to be implement is already implement in a developer ardor version or is very soon to be implement on testnet.

Thanks you for releasing this information and keep up the good work.

Nxt General Discussion / IPO of future features
« on: March 31, 2016, 10:07:35 pm »
Here the idea.

JLP 2.0 plan goes on.

We can however ipo the token of future 2.0 public childchains right now to raise fund.

Technically, all we have to found is a unique usefull feature to ipo. It is needed to be garanty to not include this unique feature in any other childchain including the NXT2.0 childchain. This would give value to these childchain token and could be sold now. Note that the IPO child chain would have only this unique feature additionally to basic like send and receive functions.

So which cryptocurrency altcoin functionnality shall we clone into a childchain and ipo right now? There are plenty of choice, afaik (dapps maybe  ;)). Or maybe ipo a new AE v2.0 childchain token! That would certainly have some success.

It would certainly be more usefull to have those altcoins functionnality directly inside the 2.0 platform rather than outside of it.

Core Development Discussion / What is the roadmap? Post NRS 1.7
« on: January 31, 2016, 01:31:18 pm »
Hi all,

Now that 1.7 branch has been successfully deploy, it would be nice to know the roadmap for post NRS 1.7, last roadmap update from devs team was:

Development Roadmap

The NXT developers provide no commitment to deliver any of the features described herein, and reserve the right to change this product roadmap from time to time at their sole discretion.

NXT 1.7 (Dec 2015)
Coin shuffling
Account control for phased transactions
Immediate execution of phased transaction on approval
Stable block times, 60 s average, max 10 min
Fee spreading and throttling of unique resource allocation
Account properties
Singleton assets
Mac installer

NXT 1.8 (April 2016)
Two factor authentication
Account transfer (panic button)
Account control
Controllable assets
Exchange API

NXT 2.0 (December 2016)
White label prunable blockchains

I would like to mention that I think you deliver quite well with the 1.7 hardfork. Would be great to know if all this is still on track or if there were any changes. If you also happen to have some plan for post 2.0, it would be great to have some teaser  :D

Keep up the good work! Nxt platform is awesome, sincerely! Thank you.

Hi Nxter,

Could we post down below what are the current "functional" and "under construction" fully decentralized applications (dApps) that are build on top of Nxt?

Please state the correct "functional" or "under construction" tag of the dapps that you post below, and a reference link.

I will compile a list in the OP as long as I'm not overwhelm.

Thank you for your help!

Fully functional dApps:

Under construction dApps:

Nxt General Discussion / blockchain statistic
« on: June 25, 2015, 09:13:43 am »
Is there any place that show detailed statistic on the number and type of transactions (function of blocknumber or date) happening on the Nxt blockchain?

Please post any reference with link below.

Title say it all. I'm trying to cancel an offer.
If there is no otherway, I would tag this a bug as a blockheight too high would be like burning some coins.

Hello fellow Nxter,

I write this proposition because I think the current fee for the prunable data part (i.e. Nxt/KB) is currently way too large and it should be market driven. Of course, there is always a fix fee that should be there to store the hash of the non prunable part of the transaction. What I'm discussing here is the fee for the prunable part of the transaction. However, It is very important to note that the methodology proposed here could be equally be apply to a base Nxt fee and to scale the rest of the Nxt ecosystem depending on that base fee. Overall, I think that testing this system for the prunable Nxt fee part might first be a good idea.

Note that the proposed expression for the fee take into account the value that the market think of what the fee should be.

I come up with an idea that I think is good and merit further discussion by the community. I think the idea is simple and elegant.
Overall, this idea is based on fluid mechanics formulas for which a fluid tends to relax toward a local equilibrium. However, the analogy here is that it is instead the Nxt fee that should relax toward the market driven announce value.

Let us first define a series of values which would be an announcement by each Nxt forger. Those values would represent the price at which they would ideally be willing to store prunable data (in Nxt/KB). Let take the median value of this series and name it fee_announce.

Let present the formula and then discuss it:
fee^{0} = 1 Nxt/KB
fee^{n+1} = fee^{n} - \omega * ( fee^{n} - fee_announce^{n} )
fee^{0} would be an initial fee to start the formula chain (it could instead be the current fee of NRS).
"n" would be the block number
\omega is a relaxation factor between 0 and 1.

If \omega is equal to zero, the fee do not change between block and this correspond to the current state of Nxt. To make a connection with fluid mechanic it would be like if the fluid is infinitely viscous and cannot relax toward an equilibrium.   

If \omega is equal to 1,  the fee automatically relax (in one block) toward the current block fee_announce^{n}. For a fluid analogy, this would be like the fluid instantly relax toward equilibrium. However, the announce value can change fast and be affect by various factors, I do not recommend such a value for \omega.

If 0 < \omega <1, the fee slowly or rapidly adjust itself to relax toward the current fee_announce^{n} value. This is guaranteed. Overall, \omega control the rate at which the relaxation occurs toward the equilibrium. To start with, \omega could equal to 10^-3 for example. But, it must be a small value to slowly relax the system toward the target equilibrium.

I made an computation example that show the result of this formula assuming fee^{0}=1, \omega=10^-3 and fee_announce{n}=0.5 for all "n".

We can see that the fee slowly relax toward the median fee that is announce by the forgers.

Please let know what you think.

I could make more computation if there is some interrogation.

I would like to compile a list of feature request concerning NRS server, client, plugin, etc.. Anything related to Nxt, from tiny detailed to larger features. Post below what you would like and I will update the the OP. Make sure you can define the request with a title, at least one description sentence and in which category[core/gui/plugin/hardware/installer/others] the request is (this is now mandatory for a feature to be showed in OP because I do not always understand the feature request and this greatly simplify the management of this topic). You can describe in your post why you think it is a good feature, if you wish. From this list, people working on Nxt could get new ideas. I will try to maintain the list up to date as long as I'm not overwhelm. If you find something in the list that is already in NRS, please post it below and I will remove the item from the list. Also, do not hesitate to point out any significative errors or misunderstanding.

Note that this is not a list endorsed by the Nxt devs team. It is only a casual list maintain from my own initiative. Later on, maybe most wanted feature poll could be organized from such a list. Let see where this will lead us.

ARDOR feature request:
F001. 2016-05-24. Let people create either global or local assets, currencies, aliases...

NRS core feature request:
A001. 2015-06-14. Nxt Auction House.
A002. 2015-06-14. Confidential transaction.
A004. 2015-06-15. Set-heir(s)-transaction.
A007. 2015-06-16. Add the time limit of sell asset options when issuing asset on AE.
A008. 2015-06-16. Digital Rights Management.
A009. 2015-06-16. Account Control.
A011. 2015-06-19. Creation of additional key pairs under the same account.
A013. 2015-07-09. Swarm like messaging protocol.
A014. 2015-07-14. "Block Account" transaction.
A015. 2015-07-18. An Improved NXT Market Function.
A018. 2015-07-28. Micropayment channel. 
A019. 2015-07-28. Allow AE issuer to use Asset to send Nxt message to all shareholder at once.
A020. 2015-08-02. Private/encrypted marketplace listings.
A021. 2015-08-03. Tx type / Long term "bonded leases".
A022. 2015-08-06. Lending System.
A025. 2015-08-11. Extended HD wallet.
A027. 2015-10-02. More types of Monetary System coins.
A028. 2015-11-12. Blank transactions proposal.
A029. 2015-11-12. Advanced Reporting System for external use.
A030. 2015-11-24. Two "simple" ideas for Nxt Marketplace.
A031. 2015-12-01. Add an option to exclude Account Leasing when setting up mandatory approval account.
A032. 2015-12-12. DNS System in NXT - Improvements or Redesigned.
A033. 2015-01-17. RSS feeder api with fully customizable filter.
A034. 2015-01-19. Allow node to announce web serve.
A035. 2016-02-05. Incentivize nodes participating in shuffle via 1000 NXT blame redistribution.
A036. 2016-03-16. "Buy Offer Confirmed Order Book" for shops ?
A037. 2016-03-30. Optimized config files.
A038. 2016-03-30. Automatically send the forging revenue to other accounts.
A039. 2016-04-29. Free transactions for forgers.
A040. 2016-05-22. A crash reporter analyzer.
A041. 2016-07-14. Auto-forging.

NRS client GUI feature request:
B004. 2015-06-15. Special message to add latest news about the asset.
B007. 2015-06-15. List the accounts by account name in the login window.
B009. 2015-06-19. Comments to specified voting.
B011. 2015-07-14. Customizable dashboard tiles.
B012. 2015-07-17. Add a way to link to an account with an URL.
B013. 2015-07-19. Message hover-over.
B014. 2015-07-23. Make it easy for websites to post links directly to "your Asset", "your marketplace Item" etc.
B015. 2015-07-28. Better means of handling multiple accounts.
A023. 2015-08-10. Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet.
B016. 2015-08-14. Ability to initiate forging even though blockchain is not downloaded.
B017. 2015-08-17. One click NRS update from the client.
B018. 2015-09-08. Simplified NRS Wallet option.
B019. 2015-09-11. Asset turnover ratio.
B021. 2015-10-16. History of dividends paid.
B022. 2015-10-17. Need Weighted Average Cost when selling assets.
B022. 2015-10-17. Colorize contacts to differ them at AE and Dashboard by color label.
B023. 2015-11-01. Button to download the trade history as a .csv file.
B024. 2015-12-19. Notary and property register.
B027. 2015-12-28. On the login page, keep separate account lists for MainNet and TestNet.
B028. 2016-01-10. Nxt Arbitrary Messages use case: Certified e-mails.
B029. 2016-01-17. Turn off plugin warning.
B031. 2016-01-20. Block time counter.
B032. 2016-01-20. Login with Alias button like
B033. 2016-01-20. Supernet-like login screen.
B034. 2016-04-04. Multiple destinations for AM in the UI.
B035. 2017-10-02. Suggestion of relooking of the lockscreen interface.

Feature request for Nxt plugin or by a third party:
A010. 2015-06-17. Need to be done outside the core.   Add vpn function.
C002. 2015-06-30. A blockchain statistic plugin.
A024. 2015-08-10. Need to be done outside the core. Direct trade/exchange between MSCoin_1 and MSCoin_2, or between Asset_1 and Asset_2.
C003. 2015-11-01. Telegram.

Hardware related feature request:
D001. 2015-06-19. All in one NXT-SuperNet-FreeMarket-MeshNet Raspberry Pi Device.

NRS installer feature request:
E001. 2015-09-08. Different shortcut icon for the Nxt wallet and Nxt Server.
E002. 2015-11-17. Archive Nxt node check box in the Nxt installer setup.

To be released feature request (in Ardor):
To be released in Ardor. A006. 2015-06-16. Allow AE issuer use MS to devidents payment.
To be released in Ardor. A017. 2015-07-28. Allow AE issuer use Asset to make dividends payment in another Asset.

Released feature request:
Thanks to MrV777.         C001. 2015-06-13. Candle sticks graphs for the price of the assets in the AE.
Released in NRS 1.7.4.   B025. 2015-12-21. Add "Data Cloud"->"Upload Data" submenu.
Released in NRS 1.7.0e. B024. 2015-11-21. To the list of peers, add columns to say whether the peer offers archival and open API services.
Released in NRS 1.7.0e. A016. 2015-07-18. Shuffling for NXT.
Released in NRS 1.7.0e. A012. 2015-07-07. Blocktimes never exceed 3 minutes.
Released in NRS 1.7.0e. A005. 2015-06-15. Tradable token that represent a non divisible virtual unique object (special lower fee in AE for that special used case).
Released in NRS 1.7.0e. A003. 2015-06-14. Shuffling for assets.
Released in NRS 1.6.2.   B020. 2015-10-05. Have the categories sorted alphabetically on the http://localhost:7876/test - page.
Released in NRS 1.6.2.   A028. 2015-10-16. An easier way to manage hallmarks.
Released in NRS 1.6.0e. B001. 2015-06-07. Add forging block fee reward in the transaction dashboard.
Released in NRS 1.6.0e. B003. 2015-06-13. Core dividend feature notification.
Released in NRS 1.5.15. B008. 2015-06-16. Unsigned Transaction Bytes + QRCode if Secret Phrase not specified.
Released in NRS 1.5.15. B010. 2015-06-19. Display total MS currency value in NXT.
Released in NRS 1.5.15. B005. 2015-06-15. Enable "anonymous" offline transactions.
Released in NRS 1.5.15. B006. 2015-06-15. Make issuing an asset or MS coin with less than 2 or more than 6 decimals hard to do.
Released in NRS 1.5.15. B002. 2015-06-13. A button/something to set leasing duration to the max possible value in the leasing dialog.

Feature requests that were deemed impossible:
Reference. A026. 2015-08-29. Unique serial numbers attached to each cryptocurrency unit (option for MS).

Nxt Plugins / Blockchain search engine - Nxt plugin
« on: May 31, 2015, 10:43:11 pm »
Is it possible to easily do string search in the Nxt blockchain with customizable filter (time, blockheight filter)?

I was looking at maidsafe website and they plan to have this kind of capability at beta launch. I'm wondering if all this could easily be done with a Nxt plugin?

Overall, I'm just giving idea for an interesting Nxt plugin here.

Hi Nxters,

After more than a year lurking this forum and the cryptoscene, I think Nxt would greatly benefits from a bounty of the following type. 

Overall, I think it would be nice if the committee would put a bounties on transaction making apps or services.
Something like this:
First app or service build on top of Nxt that sustain for two months, let say for example an average of 10 transactions per minute, get 100000 NXT.
First app or service build on top of Nxt that sustain for two months, let say for example an average of 100 transactions per minute, get 200000 NXT.
First app or service build on top of Nxt that sustain for two months, let say for example an average of 200 transactions per minute, get 400000 NXT.

A specific app or service could only claim one of the bounty, not all of them. So those bounty would lead to three apps transaction making on top of Nxt. The app or service would also have the burden of the proof that it produce the transactions related to the bounty claim.

Competition for getting the bounty would be interesting, because, once that level of transaction would be reach after months of substain transactions, the bounties would worth a monstruous amount in fiat! I think that would motivate blockchain apps scene, especially since Nxt is so user friendly concerning it API.

All you have to do is to market the bounty, then the killer app would surely appear.

Any idea on this subject is welcome and please be free to post below :).

Sorry if this is not post at the right place.

Nxt Plugins / Trollbox Nxt plugin.
« on: May 24, 2015, 11:25:57 am »
Here another simple idea that could easilly be feasible with pruned AM.

Nxt Plugins / Shapeshift Nxt plugin
« on: May 24, 2015, 08:49:53 am »
Is that possible? I think it would nice. Just giving the idea here for devs in search of ideas.

The currently plan voting system is very nice, but I would like to propose the following addition.
Currently, to do a private vote, you would need to create an asset then make vote by asset on this asset.
However, asset creation is really not cheap only to do a vote.
I therefore propose that the voting system should have a new kind of token, same as AE token, but after a certain block heigh, no one can make transaction involving the tokens.
In this way, we could propose lower fee for the creation of these "voting" token and they could be use as private voting token.

Please comment. ;) ;)

Voting System / Website for secure decentralized voting
« on: April 01, 2015, 01:17:11 pm »

I put the following idea here and I'll would like to know if someone is working on this or plan to do something similiar. It would be very nice if someone have a plan to build a website which would be specifically build for secure voting on various topic using the Nxt blockchain. You know something very easy to use were people would go there to do secure vote on particular topics. All the management could be done in a centralized manner (e.g. collect money, pay with bitcoin, paypal, planning the vote procedure etc... ). No need for the Nxt client would be usefull here. Only the "important" voting part would be done on a decentralized secure manner to write down the vote results on the BlockChain. A vote could be sign by a personal message so you can be sure it is your vote that is cast. I mean, the Nxt voting APIs would be extensively used on such a website.

I think that such a website could become popular for various organization in the world. This might be a service that could have demand for it, because AFAIK, there is no easy way to do secure decentralized voting in the world right now.

Any toughts on this subject?


Nxt General Discussion / Auction house on the nxt blockchain
« on: February 08, 2015, 08:10:50 pm »
I would like to know if it would be possible to implement an auction house on the nxt blockchain? It could be similiar to the marketplace, but would allow incremental bid to also take place on a certain blocktime interval. Is it difficult to add this functionnality to Nxt? An auction house sound to me like a nice feature to add.

please comment.

Nxt Asset Exchange / looking for diversify mining cloud Nxt asset
« on: December 26, 2014, 03:23:17 pm »
We need a mining cloud Nxt asset which has no more than 10-15% or so of the pool value in a single cloud service provider. The asset should also be diversify in scrypt, sha, etc. mining power so that if ltc go down and not bitcoin, then the pool is not to much affected. You know, something with no single point of failure except the asset issuer. For such a reason, I would prefer if a Nxt member with a known long track record to offer such kind of asset.

For this to happen, a reinvesting business model would be need in order to make sure that the pool value is not concentrate into a single service provider. The more cloud service provider, the better.

I would be interest in such a venture, any others?

Nxt General Discussion / nexern blockchain chain explorer suggestion
« on: September 26, 2014, 10:31:38 am »
It would be nice to have on the top right of the explorer the total value of all bid dept on the Nxt AE. This would give us a nice overview of the growing bid liquidity available on the Nxt AE. This number should grow with time and give an overview of the progress of the economy on the AE.

Thank you for giving you opinion on this.

General / haha, I just received by e-mail a survey from paypal.
« on: September 05, 2014, 08:47:47 pm »
I told them to add support for Nxt and bitcoin... lol

EDIT: oups, this was suppose to be post in General/General, not thechnical/general. Sorry mod.

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