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3 is a unique linkbuilding management tool which helps companies and website-owners manage their linkbuilding campaigns (linkbuilding is part of search engine optimization). We want to make this tool known to everyone and that's why we started this crowdfunding campaign.

Linkbuilding for everyone has come up with a great and easy way to manage your linkbuilding all at one place. Integrate your portfolio and start managing your linkbuilding campaigns and partnerships. The robot 'io' will monitor the status of the links for you. Linkbuilding is part of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing your website to rank high in search engines like Google. is an administration tool and does not cheat Google.

LINKBUILDING asset information
To raise funds for the development and promotion of we are using the Nxt Asset Exchange. is now in beta-fase and we want our asset holders to be part of the tool too. We are curious how you experience the tool and how we can improve it. The tool will be ready in a few months.

  • Asset name: LINKBUILD
  • Asset account: NXT-FTJF-Q6DM-47XC-54EC2
  • Asset ID: 11240133193452178590
  • Decimals: 4
  • Price: 10 NXT (based on 0,16 EUR)
  • Total assets: 570 000
  • Assets for sale: 85 500 assets (15%)

Rewards and dividend
When you support us with this crowdfunding campaign you will be rewarded with part of the profit. When you own for example 1% of the assets, you will get 1% of the profit (in EUR), paid monthly in NXT with the dividend function in the Nxt Asset Exchange. Plus there are extra rewards:

  • If you buy >1000 assets during ICO, you'll get a linkbuilding account worth about €155 per year.
  • If you introduce a new paying user you'll get 200 assets (50000 assets reserved for this)
  • If you join the forum signature campaign you will get 70 assets (7000 assets reserved)

Put the code in your forum signature and let it sit there for 2 weeks. Send me a PM when you join the signature campaign, so I can monitor the signature. You will get 70 assets for free.
Code: [Select]
[size=11pt][url=][color=#66757f]Join LINKBUILD Nxt asset for[/color] [color=#f9a438]>>>[/color] [color=#66757f]Dividends+commission+signature-rewards[/color][/size]
Screenshot commercial landingspage

Screenshot campaigns page

Screenshot submissions page

FARLAWEB asset-swap
In case you hold FARLAWEB assets you can swap these against LINKBUILD assets. 1 FARLAWEB was worth € 0.06, that's 3,5 NXT. When you send FARLAWEB assets to NXT-FTJF-Q6DM-47XC-54EC2 we will calculate how many LINKBUILD assets you get and send them to you.

Terms & conditions
When you own LINKBUILD assets on the Nxt Asset Exchange you will not be a legal owner in the project and you will have no say in the directions of the project. The assets/tokens are just for crowdfunding and dividend payments only. There are always risks in investing in crowdfundings. We are not responsible for any financial loss. Always use money you can spare and respect the laws in your country.

More info:

"Don't forget to link!"

Nxt General Discussion / Why are we generating empty blocks?
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:03:26 pm »
Maybe a noob question, but why are there empty blocks forged? Why not only create blocks when there are transactions? That will help reduce the bloat.

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: Promotion FXT assets
« on: May 26, 2016, 06:24:53 am »

Nxt Asset Exchange / [ANN] GIOTA - IOTA backed asset
« on: May 10, 2016, 07:01:46 pm »

About IOTA
You may know IOTA, the innovative project for transactions between devices of IOT (Internet Of Things). It’s a blockchain-less concept created by Come-From-Beyond, Triangle and their team. More info: and

My IOTA Sale
I want to sell a piece of my IOTA. The IOTA are not yet available for trading, but you can buy GIOTA assets which are backed by real IOTA. 1 GIOTA asset is backed by 1 000 000 000 IOTA, which is called 1 GIOTA (Giga in the Metric prefix). My IOTA account: TCSCQI9SN9XXMHWGGYOCD9BFAESNNCSWWLITUCJESBEWDFJVJJFMPDUHSSAAWFRQJDTGJQFQSMNTJGIN9 (account can change because in IOTA with every transaction a new address is created)

Asset ID: 9464815973295323291
Account: NXT-23AN-H49Y-PXEC-AK7XM
Total available: 1000 GIOTA
Batch for sale: 100 GIOTA
Price: 1000 NXT per GIOTA

Redeem your IOTA
I will send you IOTA when it will be able to send transactions on the IOTA network. To redeem the real IOTA you need to send the GIOTA assets with a message of your IOTA account back to NXT-23AN-H49Y-PXEC-AK7XM. You can trust me to send you the IOTA when I can. I have issued more assets like FARLAWEB, I always pay dividend and respect the investors.

If you have questions please let me know. Thanks!  :)

On the Nxt Slack we had a discussion about how to gain more value into Nxt. Sebastien256 said:
Imo, NXT price will be mostly correlated to the number of transaction on the blockchain. Build a killer apps that generate a lot of transaction in a substainable way and there will be ton of people that will want to hold Nxt to get the transaction fees.

But I was wondering are there stats about the transactions of all the public coins/blockchains? How good are we doing?

Nxt General Discussion / Nxt campaign/action for Bitcoin Halving
« on: May 02, 2016, 02:42:34 pm »
The block reward in Bitcoin is going to halve soon ( From marketing perspective it's a great moment to promote Nxt and his cool features in a funny/ludicrous/cool marketing campaign. It's all about timing now.

Can we create something cool? Create meme's, artwork, pictures, tweets, idea's and post them here!

And share like hell of course.  ;D

I will start:

Nxt General Discussion / Don't just sell NXT
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:20:30 am »
I want to ask people not to just sell your NXT on exchanges. I am not saying this because you need to hodl your NXT, but because it is not good for the price of NXT.

Of course you are allowed to sell your NXT anytime, I do this sometimes too to pay for stuff in the real world where I need EURO's (fiat money).

My advice is to use LIQUID OnDemand service: - This service sells the NXT for you at the best prices, so the price of NXT isn't affected much and you get the most for your NXT. You can chill and let them deal with prices and exchanges.  8)

I used the service when I sold the NXT I got from the FARLAWEB crowdfunding. You can trust this service and his operator LibertyNow.

Please do this so the price of NXT can rise more.  :)

Nxt Improvement Proposals / More visible Buy and Sell orders
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:02:38 am »
Why only 26 buy/sell orders in the Asset Exchange? I think it's a bit to low. The first 100 would be better imo.

As mentioned in this topic:

Nxt General Discussion / Stop Mining and Start Forging!
« on: March 31, 2016, 09:05:13 am »
I saw the last speech of astronaut and physicist Wubbo Ockels again lately (died in 2014 of cancer). And again is was really impressed and moved by his speech on his death bed about how we kill our planet.  :'(

And now imagine all the Bitcoin miners who are mining at currently 350 megawatts, which is roughly equivalent to the electricity demand of 280,000 American households. Using an amount of hardware material to build another Eiffel tower. In a bad case scenario Bitcoin will be consuming as much electricity as a small country like Denmark.


For me it's completely clear that Bitcoin is not the future. For example, in my country (the Netherlands) the old light bulbs are forbidden to sell by law.

One of the Unique Selling Points of Nxt is that we don't consume much energy. We need to get that message around so we can attract more people AND help our planet.

Forging Nxt on solar energy at no cost!  8)

Nxt Community News and Announcements / Change your Nxt links (SEO)
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:25:34 pm »

As you may noticed, we created a new website for The URL's of the website are changed as well, because we have a new page structure. The old URL's are redirected to pass some link juice to the new website. We also added HTTPS to the new website for safety reasons and because it's a bit better for SEO.

My question is to please change the links to on your websites or social media accounts, so we get the most SEO juice We prefer te use for all the links as base.

Thank you very much!  :)

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: are all hacks an inside job?
« on: December 10, 2015, 09:47:59 am »

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: NXT Line follower, PID
« on: December 02, 2015, 06:36:04 pm »

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: We are destined to fail
« on: November 23, 2015, 06:49:30 am »

Farla Webmedia Assets

Asset Name: FARLAWEB

Asset ID: 17491339106794048806

Asset issuer: NXT-2E8V-Z4EX-VWBW-3HV86

About us
Farla Webmedia is a company which is specialized in webdesign and online marketing. Our goal is to make websites successful with webdesign, seo and online marketing. We have a business unit in MP Business Center in Oirschot, The Netherlands.

Who is behind Farla Webmedia?
The founder of Farla Webmedia is Farl4bit. Farla Webmedia was founded in 2000 and started as a home-office. Farla Webmedia now has a office in the south of The Netherlands. We have a business unit in MP Business Center in Oirschot. Farl4bit is moderator on and active in Nxt from late 2013 (too late ;) ) .

Our goal
Bring Farla Webmedia to a higher level by hiring more staff so we can serve our customers better, be more competitive and increase the quality of our services.
And we want to be an example for non-crypto businesses to use the Nxt Asset Exchange to find investors. We also hope we can attract more people into Nxt by asking people from our business network to buy assets.

Asset information
Total FARLAWEB Assets: 10M

135.000 assets (5%) were sold at the launch for 10nxt each
2.565.000 assets (95%) are held in ESCROW for the business owner by NXTinspect

10M Assets will be created to allow for future growth/value expansion and the unused 7.3M assets will also be escrowed by NXTinspect in case of future fund raising is required.

Why should you buy Farla Webmedia Assets?
1. Your assets will (maybe) gain more value
2. You can receive a bonus if the company does well
4. You can help to grow a real-life company

Will more assets be sold after the launch?
It’s possible that in the future more assets will be sold to fund extra expansions of the company. But we don’t have any plans for that and don’t expect this will happen the next year. Additional assets will only be sold if we are confident we have a business plan that ensures the additional assets will not dilute the earnings or asset valuation of the assets that have already been sold. Further asset sales will be announced in 1 month in advance.

Reliability and security

We are supported by NXTinspect who helped us to structure this asset issue.
NXTinspect will hold the relevant assets in escrow. More info:

Company info

Farla Webmedia, De Scheper 312, 5688 HP Oirschot, the Netherlands.
E-mail: info [at]

Social media

FARLAWEB assets are issued via a digitally signed certificate on the NXT Asset Exchange. Ownership is transferred by transferring the digital certificate representing a particular asset. Whoever can demonstrate ownership of the private-key securing the certificate is presumed to own the asset.

The assets do not represent any ownership or control over the operations of the business of Farla Webmedia.
There are risks at buying assets. Farla Webmedia is not responsible for any financial loss. Always use money you can spare.
Due to legal reasons residents of the USA are not allowed to participate.

Thank you for your trust!
We find it very special that you joined this crowdfunding. We want to thank you for that. We are really looking forward to this new step and will keep you informed here.

Nxt General Discussion / MOVED: Hello NXTers... It is I, Q!
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:56:00 pm »

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