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Hi Everyone! 
We are delighted to share with the Slack community that Jelurida is invited by the Oxford University (@UniofOxford) & Oxford Foundry (@oxfoundry) to help educate its student and faculty on the future of Blockchain technology and Blockchain-as-a-Service.

Thanks to the work of Alberto Fernandez, long-time member of our community, and Veronica Torras, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Jelurida, they will both present the Ardor technology to the audience next Monday May 14th at 18h CET.

Jelurida it is very excited to be working with these great minds on the future of this technology.

Marketing Announcements / Marketing Accomplishments: Q1 2018
« on: April 06, 2018, 08:32:01 am »

During Q1/2018 the Jelurida Marketing approach has made a gradual transition from the ICO with many heroic efforts led by developers to an organization with a professional marketing plan. While this transition has been time-consuming and is still ongoing, we are laying the foundation for a long-term functional and sustainable Marketing structure. We have accomplished so much already and will continue to with many more developments during the upcoming quarters.


The Jelurida marketing team now consists of 3 new full-time employees:

Veronica Torras - Head of Marketing and Business Development.

Veronica is responsible for the overall marketing strategy and sales process, and the coordination of the marketing team.

Adedayo Adebajo - Community Manager.

Adedayo joined us on a trial period in January as a Support Specialist and has now consolidated this position within the company with other key responsibilities pertaining to Community Management and Exchange Relations.

Jesse Seaver - Content Advisor.

Jesse joined us as a Content Consultant, responsible for content production and quality review.
Find out more details about their brilliant careers and their incorporation in Jelurida here:

Social Media and Content Strategy

Our primary goal this quarter has been to build a sustainable and efficient team process to post consistently about our four brands. We have a multi-brand portfolio, and have built a social media strategy according to this. Although we know that there is a lot to do, we are enthusiastic about reaching this milestone of going from no structured nor consistent content to consistent daily activity in all our main social media and community channels.

Here is a quick summary of what has been achieved:

- Built the social media strategy and tactics for a total of 16 accounts covering four brands (Ardor, Ignis, Nxt, and Jelurida) on the major social media channels which include Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Telegram.

- Analysis and planning of the company Youtube strategy. Including starting a Jelurida Youtube channel. Please show your love and subscribe!

- Produced and published the 4YFN Awards 2018 / Barcelona Business Mission video highlighting out teams presence at the event. Have you seen it?

- Content review and analysis of Lior's existing Medium blog posts. We will re-publish them over the coming weeks and months.


Jelurida has increased its presence in local and international events. Both Jelurida and the Ardor Nxt Group (ANG) directed by Elizabeth Mong have started attending tech and blockchain conferences more on a regular basis.

Some of our Q1 activity:

- Jelurida was a finalist at the 4YFN Awards and the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. From February 27-28, the team attended the largest mobile tech conference in the world in Barcelona for the whole week and was regarded as one of the highlights of the event.

Read more about it here:

Watch the video here:

- We organized and sponsored the blockchain expert panel at the MWC Edition of the Barcelona Blockchain for Business Group. The discussion covered the future of Blockchain for Business and had over 180 attendees.

Watch the whole panel here:

Join or learn more about the Meet-Up here:

- Lior joined many other innovative thought leaders at the Center for Research-Based Innovation (@sfimechatronics) Autonomy Conference, in Kristiansand, Norway on March 20~22. He delivered the first ever official Ardor Developers Hackathon:

- Jelurida is a key sponsor and will be attending to the Global Blockchain Summit, May 17th-18th, London (UK). More details to come, but learn more about the conference here:

And stay tuned! We are building a conference calendar for Q2 and Q3 and will announce events as they get confirmed.

Press Clippings

Jelurida is working closely with the Israeli based, Market Across PR Agency. They are an agency specialized in Crypto and Blockchain. They are working diligently to market our brand across leading business, financial and crypto publications.

See a summary of the press accomplishments over the last 3 months here:




Roadmap Updates

- Improve our company branding to include updates to our logos and websites.
- Create and publish educational tutorial videos.
- Attend and sponsor more conferences to build community awareness of Jelurida.
- Edit the Wikis: review and create new contents for all the products.
- Build a process to assist exchanges in listing ARDR, NXT, and IGNIS.
- Hire more talented members to the team.

In Conclusion

Building a startup can be as hard as it is exciting and, sometimes, it is very easy to miss a piece of the bigger picture. We are doing our best not to miss anything, and appreciate all your input and patience as we move forward. If you think that we are missing something important, please tell us!

Jelurida building user interfaces that brings blockchain closer to the people

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How can you integrate smart contracts in your business operations?

Sustainability of Blockchain Projects depend largely on Team Ethics and Vision   

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Jelurida’s Nxt Platform and Ardor Platform – What Are They, and What Can They Be Used For?

Jelurida’s Nxt Platform and Ardor Platform – What Are They, and What Can They Be Used For?

Ardor (¢ARDR) - 4TFN Awards 2018 Finalist

Jelurida, selected as one of the 10 finalists at the 4YFN Awards

Jelurida, seleccionada entre las diez finalistas en los Premios 4YFN 2018

Blockchain As A Service Takes Shape

While Ethereum Figures Out How to Implement PoS, This Blockchain Startup is Already Steaming Ahead

Blockchain Solutions For Secure Financial Transactions

Merchant Payment Processing and the Future of Money

How Jelurida’s Ardor platform Compare with the Ethereum Network

Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake – What’s the Difference, and Which is Better?

How the Blockchain Could Change Your Life

Ardor Could Be the Sleeper Cryptocurrency of 2018

What is Ardor

Would Israel's ICO Tax Plan Retain Startups or Scare Them Off? (Lior's quote)

We have exciting news to share with the community. Jelurida was selected as a finalist, out of 300 startups, at the 4YFN Awards 2018, a startup competition at the 4YFN conference, that takes place during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The event was focused on accelerating business development and the investment in new technologies. Jelurida pitched four times in front a massive tech audience gaining real attention for Ardor Blockchain-as-a-Service, Nxt and Jelurida brands.

Please, take a moment to watch the event, and subscribe to our new Youtube channel!

Official source:

Hello, Community Members.

For those who don't know me by this handle (@verotor), I am Veronica. Although I am not about titles, I would like to introduce myself as the Head of Marketing and BizDev at Jelurida, and I am glad to announce this new Marketing forum.

The goal of this forum is to keep the community updated. I honestly didn't want to start it until I was confident enough that our team would be able to keep it up-to-date. But now, here it is, and this post will explain partly the why. Today I would like to update you on the new marketing team members.
This was already posted in the Ardornxt Slack a couple of days ago.

This is the second week that we are posting regularly and consistently to all our social media channels for all the Jelurida brands; Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt. We are posting to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Telegram and are already seeing excellent community engagement, and as usual, appreciate everyone who joins the conversation.

Milestones achieved:

We went from nothing structured nor consistent to at least one quality piece of content a day in every channel. And, more importantly, we have build an operational process that allows us to improve our social media content strategy incrementally.

So, I am glad to introduce the great people behind the curtains that are making this possible.

Jesse Seaver, Content Advisor
@JesseSeaver in slack,

Jesse is a professional copywriter, and blockchain tech writer with over ten years of experience as a columnist for The Huffington Post, and has gone on assignment for National Geographic.  He is collaborating with us as a Content Advisor and is working to create a new content strategy for Jelurida that brings the family of brands together in a cohesive way. This will include creating a common ‘voice’ for all social media outlets and acting as an editor for all public messaging.  (E.g. All Lior’s Medium articles have been edited and reviewed and will be individually updated - as some members suggested.)

Adedayo Adebajo, Support and Community Management Specialist
@Over_watchtower in slack, and @Watch.Tower in this forum,

Adedayo is a natural optimistic idealist who naturally sees several creative ways out of every obstacle. Adedayo is now our Support specialist focusing on community management as well as the voice at the @ArdorPlatform and  @NxtCommunity Twitter accounts. Adedayo has previous experience at Poloniex, dealing with user requests and has an impressive capacity to bring any conversation over to a positive and educational note.

After several weeks already working with them, I can say that I really enjoy and look forward to working more with these two great minds.

A warm welcome to Jesse and Adedayo to these key roles that will start giving our brands a consistent and permanent voice on the top of all the effort of our community. Please, do not stop posting out there, and let’s support our new guys as much as we can.

Here is to the first stone placed,


Dear Community, we are launching a Q&A video series with Lior to address questions about Ardor and Nxt in the coming months. The videos will be recorded during this Tuesday at the 4YFN and the Mobile World Congress week. Please submit your question here and we will choose a selection to include in the series. Thank you for your continued support!

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